What Are Dietary Supplements?

Can dietary supplements contribute to a balanced diet? Which of these helpers make sense and how much should I consume? An overview of important manufacturers and dietary supplements.

If you look at the shelves of a drugstore, you will usually see an enormous amount of different dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are very trendy, but what is really behind these small products with the supposedly big effect?

What are dietary supplements?

As the name suggests, they are supplements that supplement our general diet. They are supposed to supply the body with certain nutrients or active substances and are located at the borderline between drugs and food. As a rule, they are ingested in doses, as capsules, pastilles, tablets, powder bags, liquid ampoules or bottles with drop inserts for absorption in measured small quantities. Typical ingredients are minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.

What should I watch out for when taking dietary supplements?

Food supplements are usually superfluous for healthy people. Those who eat a balanced diet, engage in sports – and in the case of vitamin D, stay regularly in the sun – get all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals they need. However, if you nevertheless decide to take preparations without further knowledge, you should first question your own eating habits.

Does my body get all the necessary nutrients and active ingredients through food intake?

Are there any deficiency symptoms – and if so – how can I compensate them?
Can I change something in my diet and thus take natural action against deficiency symptoms?

After a detailed analysis of your own habits, you should always consult a doctor or nutritionist before buying any supplementary substances. Only when nutritional deficiencies are actually detected may specific supplements be prescribed. This should be taken then absolutely in the correct dosage, since it can come otherwise to serious side effects.

Finally it can be said that a balanced nutrition with much fruit and vegetable as well as sufficient movement is the best insurance for a healthy and active life, and also despite booming food supplement market and scientific research, will remain.